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Beans The appreciation for coffee is not unlike the appreciation for wine; the more you know, the more your experience is enhanced. There are four main elements one may notice when drinking coffee. An excellent blend will exhibit all four in a well-balanced combination.
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Black and Tan

Price: from $8.00

In English Pubs, it is common to hear an order called out for a “Black and Tan”, which is a layered drink of heavy, bitter Irish stout mixed with bright and snappy pale ale. This blend mixes powerful dark beans with a zesty full flavor roast to provide a similar taste experience.

Blueberry Cobbler

Price: from $8.00

Tart blueberries and rich, toasty pastry!

Bourbon St. Brew

Price: from $8.00

All the flavor and flair of the French Quarter-a full bodied, New Orleans style coffee made extraordinary with a hint of chicory.

Breakfast Blend

Price: from $8.00

A fine, hearty coffee designed to compliment any breakfast and jump start the day.

Coconut Cream

Price: from $8.00

Sweet coconut and a hint of cream.

Columbian Supremo

Price: from $8.00

This is a flavored coffee item, Columbian Supremo

Costa Rican

Price: from $8.00

This is a flavored coffee item, Costa Rican

Cowboy Java

Price: from $8.00

A stout, darkly roasted blend in honor of the Old West. This coffee shares its constitution with the millions of comforting cups that once were brewed on the open range over a lonely campfire.

Cream Brulee’

Price: from $8.00

Caramel flan with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Rich chocolate fudge.

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